Wonderful reflection on structure and what “emerging” means from Brian McLaren


It was a real pleasure being with the Diocese of Chicago in January – experiencing a vibrant faith community focused on God, spiritual vitality, worship, relationships, and mission. The whole experience was inspiring and energizing – but the permission slip exercise was especially powerful. It was great to receive my own permission slip in the mail recently and then to read over other slips on the website.

Two permission slips especially stood out to me. First, I kept coming back to, “Permission to think I can lead in the emerging church.”

A lot of people, when they hear that term “emerging church,” think it means a particular style of church – distorted electric guitars, subdued lighting, lots of tattoos and piercings, anti-liturgical, extremely hip. Or they think it’s about structure – dismantling denominations or something similar.

Those folks don’t get it.

Focusing on “style” is part of what the emerging…

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