New Church Update, July 25, 2012

At our worship gathering on July 25, our theme was justice. Thirty-five adults and children gathered together for our worship and planning meeting. After we had worship, we cooked out in the back (for both vegetarians and carnivores) and socialized. Some of us even gathered on the front porch to talk about children’s ministry.

When we began this venture, I was telling people, “Oh, it’ll be awhile before we need to talk about children’s ministry.” At that point, we were the only family with a youngster. Suddenly we have several families with children, and I realized we needed to begin thinking about where we wanted to go with children’s ministry so that we didn’t just wind up doing something out of habit! While our ministry is limited at the moment to child care, we’re going to begin working toward having our older kids teach the younger ones (with adult leadership). We plan to practice on our own kids so that when we begin our preview services and visitors show up, we have something good to share with them.

We are planning to launch at least one new home-based small group in August. We’ve also begun forming work teams around art, music, hospitality, and discipleship. I’m excited by the ideas being generated in each of these groups.

I’m also excited by our plan for August 5. On that Sunday at 9:00 AM we are going to have a prayer service at Vulcan. As we look out over the city, we are going to pray for its people, its neighborhoods, its leaders, its schools, its businesses, its churches, and all the wonderful people and resources God has blessed us to steward. We will pray for God’s direction in our next steps, and how we can join God in what God is already doing to renew all things.