Welcome, New Readers

Hi, folks! I got quite a traffic bump when my post “The Gospel is a Joke” was featured on the Freshly Pressed page. Thanks for your comments, which reflected a pretty wide range of belief and perspective. If you want to know more about me or the church I’m planting, you can check out the About section or go to Saint Junia’s website.

Just a few comments about comments:

  • I moderate my comments because I don’t believe in enabling bullies or trolls. Commenters who engage me get a lot more latitude than commenters who argue with my guests. The same is true for church: anyone can fuss at me all they want, but I insist on respect for my guests.
  • Even though I dislike comments that don’t actually engage the content of the article, sometimes I approve them because they say more about the commenter than about the topic. I believe that sometimes when you let people keep talking, they show the world who they really are.
  • My mission is to bring good news to people who have traditionally been alienated from church. I find that conservative biblical literalists often have problems with how I do this. If anyone has a problem with my message, they should consider that perhaps it isn’t for them, and shouldn’t insist that others need to believe as they do in order to experience God’s saving grace.
  • I enjoy debate as much as anyone, but it’s the internet. There’s plenty of places to go show how smart you are or fight heresy. If I don’t get back to you, it’s probably because I’m busy planting a church.
  • Bring more love and beauty into the world, and have fun!

2 thoughts on “Welcome, New Readers

  1. David: You are a gift and as we travel, we share your ministry. You have impacted me and lead me to a closer walk with God. I am a better man and Christian for having crossed paths with you. Keep up your good works. Peace, Doug

  2. I typed a comment to an October post just now (Nov. 29, 2013), hit the Post button only to be informed that comments on that post were closed. Not that I have anything so profound to say; Time, the consecutive, irretrievable nows, should not be considered so trivial a gift by revelation of restriction after the fact. Please, if a post is closed for responses make that clear ahead of that moment when it’s time to click the Post button. Nothing is ever wasted and even this experience for me has lessons in it.

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