Three Axioms and an Apology

1. All theology is political.

2. Theology which claims it is not political is both political and dishonest.

3. Theological language which attempts to transcend politics, casts aspersions on “both sides” of an issue, or is deployed to make its users feel better about their privilege is political, dishonest, and condescending.

4. I’ve definitely been guilty of #3.

2 thoughts on “Three Axioms and an Apology

  1. How about this:
    1) All language–written, spoken or in thought–is political. Therefore, theology is the use of language to create a context, a structure or scaffolding, on which to hang the banners of a belief system.
    2) Given #1 above, your point #2 is certainly logically and intuitively accurate.
    3) Your #3 above begs the question: What is the distinction between theology and dogma? Also: When does theology mutate into dogma? This is a prime example of where language becomes sticky, personal and highly subjective.
    4) I, too, have been caught in the net you describe in your #4.

    You may be interested in the following:

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