The Hostess with the Toastess

I always enjoy hearing This American Life, but this past weekend’s story on “Home” was particularly poignant. My favorite was the last act, “The Hostess with the Toastess,” which begins with an investigation of the trend of artisanal toast, and ends with an affirmation of our common humanity. It’s about how a young woman struggling with schizophrenia finds a sense of normalcy and community using coconuts, coffee, tattoos, and (of course) toast. She creates a support network for herself and, surprisingly, a working business model.

I think this has a lot to do with church. Honestly, that’s what I’d like to see happen with Saint Junia. We don’t have to be a full-service restaurant with a lengthy menu. We just have to do about four things really well: coffee, coconuts, grapefruit juice, and toast.

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