Modern Parables 1: The Lost Cat

I love the parables. I think they give us insight into Jesus’ personality as well as the character of God. They are carefully crafted to shock the religious assumptions of his hearers. So I thought I’d try my hand at writing a few:

Which of you, if you lost your cat, wouldn’t wander all over the city looking for him, leaving all your windows and your house door wide open in case he came back? And when you found him, instead of going home, you’d be so overjoyed that you would take him out for drinks with your friends, and celebrate for days.

5 thoughts on “Modern Parables 1: The Lost Cat

  1. Nice one! I too love parables. If you haven’t checked out Peter Rollins Orthodox Heretic and Other Impossible Tales you should.

    • Thanks! Yeah, that’s on my to-read list. I oughtta bump it up to the top of the pile, because someone else told me that recently.

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