Why Should People of Faith Care About Mass Incarceration?


I just completed an essay for FaithLink on Mass Incarceration. I did a huge survey of recent research, news articles, and opinion pieces. Some of the best are below.

Why should people of faith care about mass incarceration? It is a quiet genocide. Justice demands a response. Scripture also demands a response, and is skeptical about claims of invincible ignorance:

Proverbs 24:10-12
If you show yourself weak on a day of distress, your strength is too small. Rescue those being taken off to death; and from those staggering to the slaughter, don’t hold back.

If you say, “Look, we didn’t know about it,” the one who weighs hearts—doesn’t he understand? The one who protects your life—he knows. He makes people pay for their actions.

Stats on Mass Incarceration:

Stats on Homicide Rates by Country:

Conservative Support for Prison Reform:

Causes of Mass Incarceration:

Film Documentaries & Videos About Mass Incarceration and Slavery:

Primary Sources:

United Methodist Sources:

Different/Opposing Views:

Organizations Working to End Mass Incarceration

For Further Reading:


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  1. The thread of eugenics is running through the current political tapestry of the Trump administration. Under the guise of crime prevention targeted groups are facing lifelong limitations brought on by imprisonment–and all this inside a system of for-profit prisons which make stockholders welthier than they already are. Policies and budgets which reduce care for “the least of these” (and increase it for “the fittest” among us) is antithetical to the Gospel.

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