A Prayer for Your Well Being

Hi, friends,
I hope you are doing well. I hope you are hanging in there. I hope your loved ones stay safe and healthy. I hope you are managing your worry, and I hope you are finding hope and inspiration.
I hope that as the effects of this economic downturn begin to manifest, that we are not all hung out to dry by our national and state leaders. I hope they are transformed by the realization that our self-interest should be theirs. I hope that our collective hope-finding works real transformation on our society. I hope our anger scares the right people, and that it leads to action—theirs and ours—on specific policies around work, health care, safety nets, and economic policies. I hope that when we see we ALL need a safety net, we will be more compassionate towards those who do when we are not faced with a pandemic.
I hope we all learn to live more humbly and in harmony with the earth.
I hope that your faith—in whatever is most sacred, awe-inspiring, and mysterious to you—does not disappoint, and when it does, that you emerge with a wiser version that is more authentic and true.
I hope, even when you feel hopeless, you still find a way to be happy.

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